Our celebrity authors range from Ed McMahon to author-screenwriter Carla Malden (daughter of Oscar winner actor Karl Malden) who authored AfterImage and co-authored her father’s Simon & Schuster autobiography When Do I Start? We have been associated with books and productions covering such celebs as Glenn Ford (Glenn Ford: A Life penned by his son Peter Ford), Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, director Billy Wilder, Johnny Carson, Orson Welles, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, George Kennedy (Oscar winner for “Cool Hand Luke”) and Jane Fonda and well as many others.

We have also worked with authors such as Dr. Ken Nedd, MD, the international expert on stress reduction who wrote The Time to be Happy Is Now, Dr. Aaron Filler, MD, noted California spine expert who penned Do You Really Need Back Surgery? as well as distinguished west coast attorney Ben Berkley on his popular book Before You Say I Do Again and The Accidental Millionaire by entrepreneur Gary Fong. Other authors include Jennie Helderman writer of As the Sycamore Grows on spousal abuse to Lauri Burns’ and her best seller on foster children titled Punished for Purpose.

Our fiction best seller authors range from John Locke, creator of the Donovan Creed crime thriller novels, such as Saving Rachel, on Kindle (Mr. Locke was the first self-published author to sell 1 million books on Kindle, which brought him a distribution deal with Simon & Schuster) to TV news legal contributor and California attorney Charles Rosenberg (The Dr. Conrad Murray Trial, The O.J. Simpson trial for E! TV) who penned Death on a High Floor.