WELCOME to Hollywood Book Bytes for all the news on new books and authors. Here is a good summer read from a Hollywood-based author named Ms. Shamron Moore who has penned HOLLYWOOD STRIP. Shamron is a disciple of 1960s icon chick lit writer Jacqueline Susann, who wrote the best seller VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, which was also made into a movie starring Sharon Tate and Patty Duke.  HOLLYWOOD STRIP does for LA, what SEX IN THE CITY did for New York.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Hollywood Book Bytes

  1. Al Wilson says:

    I bought the book last week. Could not put it down; read it in one day. She is a very good writer and the story moves along well with well drawn characters, LA fizz. Hope she does a sequel.

  2. meredith gross says:

    We need a new writer like Jackie Susann was and is …go Shamron.

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