Amazon is a company that never gets complacent or rests on its laurels. They constantly test new features throughout their website. This is especially true for books and their advertising platform. In the past 6 months, Amazon quietly made several changes that went unnoticed by most authors. Here’s how the changes affect you and your book sales:
1. “Customer Reviews” changed to “Ratings”Have you checked your book detail page on Amazon lately? If not, you probably didn’t know that “Customer Reviews” has been changed to “Ratings.” This change began late last year and reflects a big shift in the way Amazon solicits and displays reader feedback.
2. Authors can now buy Amazon ads in 8 countries Want to sell more books to European readers? Amazon just made that goal a lot easier to achieve. Last year, their advertising platform was made available in Germany and the U.K. In the past 60 days, though, Amazon added Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and Spain to their system. This means authors who self-publish with Amazon KDP can advertise their books to seven different countries and languages around the world.
3. Amazon has started to share better keyword data from ads If you want to run effective Amazon ads, half the battle is knowing which keywords and targets generate the best results. In the past, Amazon hid this precious information from authors. Fortunately, they changed their minds and decided to provide the data, which is like marketing gold.

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